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We are rehabilitation specialists. We can help to guide you through your training to maximise the benefits and prevent injuries.

We also help people recover from any injuries they have previously had and get them better than they were previously.


Specialist Therapies

Body Scanning and Mapping

Schools and Teams

Corporate Clean Air

Injury Prevention

Parkinson's Therapy

Performance Training


About FitBank Health Group

We are a forward thinking, energetic and innovative company who pride ourselves on being revolutionary in what we can provide!

Our mission is to encourage people to live and feel better, from breathing cleaner air to preventing injuries and being able to look after our bodies and minds better, for longer.

M.D Neil Smith has a wealth of experience from his time being a Professional athlete and working with the Leading authorities in his field. Neil has developed a deep understanding and ethos that we all must and do have starting point however where we end up is different for every person and he prides himself on treating the individual.

‘People think Health is just getting or looking fitter, it’s not! Being healthy starts from within and firstly breathing healthy, feeding the brain and programming your body and mind to cope with whatever it is you want to do.

That is the basis for any form of fitness or rehabilitation and put simply… your health.

‘’Your Health Is Your Wealth’’

Neil Smith

FitBank Health Group M.D


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