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Radic8 design and create world leading air purification technology. In partnership with INBair, our technology is helping thousands of commercial and domestic users worldwide.

Commercial Solutions

Results Driven

Increased awareness of the dangers of indoor air pollution makes it more important than ever for you to actively protect your clients and employees.

Domestic Appliances

Protecting Families

Quality time should come with quality air. Our domestic air purifiers deal with all known air pollutants.

Sterilising Air

Saving Lives

It is now widely acknowledged that effective air sterilisation reduces cross-contamination and saves lives. Radic8 brings you the highest performing and most cost-effective air sterilisation technology.

Cutting-Edge Technology & Design
Patented technology advancements expressed as contemporary style.

Our Products


NEW for 2017! Hextio uses ultimate reflection and refraction within the reactor chamber…

VK Blue

The VK blue is a the perfect air purifier and steriliser for medium to large rooms.

VK 002

The VK 002 is the best high end air purifier on the market, combining a series of…

VK 102

The Radic8 VK 102 is the perfect air purifier plus steriliser for all large open plan…

VK Medi

The VK Medi range of air purifiers plus sterilisers are the best in the world. Utilising…

The Black Edition

Our industry leading clean air technology just became the most stylish


The Radic8 Airwasher is a total indoor air quality solution, capable of removing…

Positive Pressure

A modular and mobile positive pressure system which delivers sterilsed air. This system can also regulate CO2

People Affected By Air Pollution


Deaths per year


Of population affected


Cause of all diseases


Single biggest health threat

Why Us?

Air purification can seem complicated… Radic8 makes it very simple.

To effectively clean the air down to the tiniest nanoparticle, you need a comprehensively tested and proven technology that eliminates all known air contaminants.

Radic8 has created an all-in-one solution for air quality that is convenient, affordable and has the test data to prove its worth.a

Get In Touch

If you interested in becoming a distributor or reseller we want to hear from you.

Radic8 is expanding rapidly around the world, and we are actively looking for established partners to champion Radic8 in their specialist market sector.

Do you have an air quality issue or a technical question? Our knowledgeable team are on hand to answer your queries. To find your local reseller go to our distributor page or give us a call.

The Viruskiller Difference

Hextio Is Born

Our Air Innovations Are Not Limited To Purification

We care about air! As such we have developed the best range of air purification and sterilisation technologies to keep the air that people breathe free from pollutants. We also realise the importance of oxygen to a healthy lifestyle and have created some amazing new products within the oxygen concentrator sector. Finally, we love to play with air flow and have some very exciting new products in the pipeline.

For further information about any of our products or to arrange a demonstration please contact us at

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